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I am not one to blow my own trumpet as a rule... but I do receive some lovely letters and I thought I would share one or two of them with you....
It was a privilege to have Buster with us for fourteen years and two months. He was a superb shooting companion and, in his last few years, he welcomed new grandchildren into his home with characteristic warmth and affection. A dog of a lifetime (if you are lucky) but he was much more than a dog to us. A wonderful member of the Hambleton family who we all loved and were so proud of.
David and Kay
I met a really nice couple who were parked outside the Vet's in a really smart pickup with ESS number plate so I tapped on their window and after a bit of a chat they came and took a quick look at Juniper, well... when I said who the stud dog was and mentioned your name they laughed. They were very jolly and clearly held you in high and fond regard
Anne Carter
Skipper is the 4th dog we have had from you - my parents, John and Sue Bradney had the wonderful Wally from you probably 20 years ago, and since him Tigger (although you had named him Winky) and then the irrepressible Sam! Skipper is from Sage's litter last June (Veronica Compton's bitch) and Jake sired him. He has the most fabulous nature - the softest mouth I have EVER come across, is so good with his training, yearns to please and has, of course, boundless energy! He is amazing with our v young children and really is part of the family. I just thought you would like to see how one of 'your' pups was doing. He is obviously wearing a ribbon for the Jubilee weekend - mud, water and brambles are his usual attire.
Sarah Hazebroek